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Wifi coverage for REX Hotel Vung Tau

Rex Hotel is the first international standard 3-star hotel in Vung Tau City. Located in the heart of the city, near the offices of major companies, attractions, entertainment and shopping areas, Rex hotel includes 77 convenient fully equipped bedrooms, harmony and elegance. Especially, all rooms have balconies overlooking the sea, mountains and city.
The bedroom system is designed in a modern style with full amenities: air conditioning, TV, cable TV, hot water tank, … Of course, Wifi is also an indispensable requirement.
Rex Hotel has a scale of 8 floors, each floor has 12 rooms divided into 2 rows, in the middle of 2 suites are stairs, large elevator, small elevator and sky well, the wall size is 20cm thick …. Therefore, the hotel management wants to find the best transmitters and receivers, which can satisfy hundreds of people accessing WiFi at the same time. Through field surveys, Vien Tin has consulted and designed and installed Ubiquiti AirMax M2 Bullet 3/5/7 equipment. It is especially suitable for Wifi coverage for large areas such as resorts, hotels with gardens, resorts, schools …. In addition, the device also has a neat and luxurious design.
Ubiquiti AirMax M2 Bullet 3/5/7 with good and stable broadcasting capability has completely satisfied the needs of the REX hotel system. Vien Tin has once again conquered the trust of customers from near and far.