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WiFi coverage – Diamond Bay Resort

Located in a prime location, with sea views, mountain back, Diamond Bay Resort is a perfect combination that nature has endowed in this land. The resort is surrounded by majestic mountains, shyly nestled beside green coconut trees and enjoying the cool breeze blowing from the sea. The resort has 340 resort rooms, in addition, the resort also offers 2 VIP rooms next to the pool are designed elegantly and elegantly.
With its perfect location and serious investment in the resort, Diamond Bay Resort is often a stopover for foreign tourists and domestic businessmen. So, in addition to the high-end facilities and services, Diamond Bay decided to cover the entire pool area to best serve the needs of customers, anytime, anywhere.
To install outdoor wifi coverage for the resort’s swimming pool, Vien Tin has surveyed, designed and installed the Ubiquiti AirMax M2 Bullet device. The device is especially suitable for Wi-Fi coverage for open areas such as resorts, hotels with gardens, resorts, schools …
The Ubiquiti AirMax M2 Bullet is a WiFi coverage device with an N-type connector that plugs directly into a variety of antennas depending on usage situations. In addition, with a capacity of 600mW, the device easily creates an AP with large coverage indoors as well as outdoors.
After installation, Ubiquiti AirMax M2 Bullet has proven to be a comprehensive wifi solution, well meeting Diamond Bay Resort’s desire to improve customer service quality.