» Introduction


Gia Loc Telecommunication is one of the suppliers of telecommunications equipment and services of consulting, surveying, designing and installing telecommunication systems for Vietnamese enterprises.
Gia Loc Telecommunication is now a supplier of hardware equipment and solutions for wireless network systems in enterprises.
Gia Loc Telecommunication performs a full package of WiFi Coverage inside and outside of business buildings, resorts, airports, wharfs, … as well as implementing Wireless Connection between headquarters and branches. branch, between the observation center and IP cameras over a range of up to 20 km.
Currently in many enterprise WiFi networks, there is a situation that the number of concurrent users increases, users use many different types of devices (BYOD) such as Laptop, IPad, iPhone …, many applications on the Internet require asking for high bandwidth or low latency, and is often mobile when in use. This results in previously built WiFi networks being unresponsive in terms of network performance and network security. Therefore, Vien Tin also provides technical services such as “Evaluation of Performance and Security of Enterprise WiFi Networks” and this is also the basis for the performance and security of enterprise WiFi networks.

In addition, Gia Loc Telecommunication also links with universities to disseminate Radio Knowledge to a large number of technicians, students and hobbyists in the form of short training courses and translation of documents. radio industry base materials, especially WLAN.

With the motto “Contract of Trust”, Gia Loc Telecommunication has been continuously investing, deploying and integrating more and more services to bring more benefits for users and businesses with the criteria of the following works:

Trusted: Representing customers to choose the best quality and reasonable price wireless radio products.
Fast: The most comprehensive wireless warranty service provider, to help prevent and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Professional: Shown in all stages of surveying, testing, designing, installing and maintaining corporate radio systems.