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Wifi coverage at Kim Do Saigon Hotel

Kim Do Hotel is located in the heart of District 1, one of the 4-star luxury hotels in the city. Ho Chi Minh, located on the largest and most beautiful Nguyen Hue street, serving the business and entertainment needs of both domestic and international guests. Kim Do Hotel is located in the high-class hotel system of SaiGon Tourist.
WiFi coverage quality in Kim Do has insufficient coverage, weak signal level, and customers complain about Internet access. The cause of the above problem is that the devices that can connect to WiFi are diverse such as laptops, tablets, smartphones … These devices require much stronger waves than laptops. The old WiFi equipment of Kim Do hotel is mainly for household use, with weak transmission capacity, and there is no software to manage the device and manage users.

With the requirement of wifi coverage on 4th floor, 5th floor, 6th floor with equipment with luxurious design, elegant, high durability, simple and easy maintenance … Tan Vien Tin Company provided, installing for Kim Do hotel SINOCA Unifi AP / UAP-LR devices in combination with SINOCA Unifi Controller software. Each device with wide coverage area, allowing 50 simultaneous accesses, suitable for wide area and high traffic traffic

SINOCAUnifi Controller software helps Kim Do hotel administrators easily and quickly configure all installed SINOCA UniFi AP and SINOCA AP-LR devices. In addition, this software can also set up a map showing the installation location of SINOCA UniFi APs at the hotel very easily.

An important part of the great success of Tan Vien Tin in the Kim Do hotel coverage project is to come up with an optimal plan, comprehensive wifi coverage, good quality equipment and especially cost-saving. while still ensuring the requirement of creating luxurious beauty for Kim Do hotel.