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WiFi Marketing

In the current context, Public WiFi is built in many Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Café, Trade Center, Amusement Park, Hospital, University Village…. and Enterprises are very interested in WiFi Communication.

Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) and Location Service (based Service) is the foundation for the launch of WiFi Marketing service – built on Cloud4Wi platform – to meet most of the requirements of Enterprises.

1. Service package

WiFi Marketing offers different Service Packs according to your marketing needs and the size of your WiFi system, so that your initial investment and operating costs are proportional to the size of WiFi Spots deployment and quantity. simultaneous access.

Package FOG: Service for Shops with needs Gather customer information through logging in with Social Networks, mobile phone numbers or email addresses and Distributing information to customers through Welcome Pages and Social Networks. The FOG package is suitable for the Store in the fields of cafe, dining, hotel, fashion, .. with less than 40 simultaneous connections at the Store and no IT staff.
SMB Package: Serving businesses with many branches, stores, offices and wishing to Collect customer information by logging in through Social Networks, mobile phone numbers or email addresses and Distributing advertising information Video, Coupon, Marketing Positioning … to potential customers through the Welcome Page or channel SMS, Email and Facebook. SMB package suitable for Business has several tens to several hundred concurrent connections at each location and requires Centralized Remote Management of WiFi Devices, Access Users and WiFi Marketing Campaigns.
Enterprise package: Serving big businesses with need WiFi Marketing At the right time – right place – Right audience (not mass marketing). Enterprise package is suitable for Enterprises with professional Marketing or IT team to exploit Location Advertising feature of WiFi Marketing service. This package is also suitable for Digital Communications Enterprises (DMs) or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that build large-scale WiFi Plus infrastructure and conduct communications or create additional rates. value for existing key business activities of the Enterprise.
Package Event: Serving businesses wishing to collect customer information through Social Networks and distribute Video advertising information, promotions via SMS, Email and Facebook channels to potential customers in the event. event, fair. The Event package is suitable for businesses operating in the field of Digital Media or Event (Digital Marketings) wishing to rent WiFi equipment and short-term WiFi Marketing services.

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