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Public WiFi

As Internet usage becomes more and more flexible, customers are becoming increasingly interested in wireless Internet access in public places, such as in cafes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and central areas. convention center or airport, harbor …

Whether you are interested in free or paid public WiFi, you will need a public WiFi management system to maintain quality of service for customers, eliminate unauthorized users and keep the network safe. security. Gia Loc Telecommunication helps you to deploy a comprehensive public WiFi solution to turn your location fast into an easy-to-manage, branded and profitable public WiFi hotspot.

Capabilities and advantages of the public WiFi solution provided by Gia Loc Telecommunication
Easily create additional accounts and print internet tickets
Cyber ​​security is guaranteed
Security throughout the device when moving in the area under the system
Flexible payment method
Contribute to promoting corporate brand
Easy to configure for access
Play an important role in Internet access management and management
Track and report to the network administrator
Public Wifi network

Small public WiFi

For small public WiFi operators looking for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless Internet solution with the most economical cost of maintenance and management, Gia Loc Telecom provides an ultimate solution. by integrating “secure access management”, “account provision access”, “high-speed wireless connectivity” and most importantly, “easy installation and configuration” into one device.

Small public WiFi model

Medium to large public WiFi

For medium and large public WiFi operators looking to build WiFi networks with easy scalability and flexible management while maintaining the management of network visitors and APs from a single interface with high security. Provide strict and reliable security control solution that can authenticate and accept Internet access while ensuring smooth roaming as users move between adjacent APs.

Gia Loc Telecommunication solution also provides the function of partitioning a physical network into multiple virtual networks with VLAN technology, which is useful for managing diverse groups of users using a public WIFi network.

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